Tom Lee - A Memphis Hero



Doug Haeussler

"I am SO glad you have memoralized Tom with your website.  We need to continue to honor his name and his heroism and selflessness.  God Bless"


Surely, you must be proud to be part of his heritage.  More importantly, we are inspired by your uncle's selfless act.


"I don't know if we told you, but David's parents finally made it to see Tom Lee. They both said that this was their favorite of David's sculptures. (Mine too)."


"Thank you Charmeal for sharing this exciting history."

Thank you so much, Charmeal,

"You are doing such great work. I believe Tom Lee's spirit is alive and well in your family, and your website is just wonderful!

Very best wishes,

Dennis Stokes

"Thanks very much for your reply.  I felt a little like I was casting a bottle into the ocean when I emailed your post office box, so it is great to see the bottle found it's home!

I love David Alan Clark's sculpture, and show pictures of it whenever I can.  The image of your great uncle reaching out is a powerful one."

BJ (on our family reunion)

"I'm truly bless to have had such a wonderful time with everyone,with God's favor for us all. I pray that God keep us strong and in peace until we meet again much  love for ya ! Bj."

Memphis Riverfront

This is a wonderful tribute to Tom Lee.  You have done an outstanding job on this.  Congratulations!


"Real Talk with Tha Artivist"

"I hope you, Bro Eric and yours are all doing well and doing great.  I currently do a tv show on Memphis Comcast Cable CH. 17 entitled "Real Talk with Tha Artivist" which comes on every Monday @ 8pm central...The show focuses on Memphis History from a Black perspective...Your great relative Tom Lee is the topic of the show for this month! I will send you a copy of the dvd with the entire radio interview."

Memphis Downtowner

"Thank you for contacting us about Tom Lee Park! We have done several features on Tom Lee Park and Tom Lee over the past years in our magazine. We also ran a "City Block" about the new monument in our December issue! It's a remarkable park named after a remarkable man, and definitely "newsworthy" to this city."

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